Bronze Design and Fabrication

Since the earliest forms of art dating over 5 thousand years and more, bronze has been one of the most popular and long lasting art pieces that have been used in religious houses. Lanzini and Sons for almost a hundred years has designed, and cast our own works of bronze art. Our in house bronze work is truly a work of art. If you view our works in the photo section you will see intricate design and execution. From railings, doors, gates to marvelous stations of the cross.

All of our designs are our own, we are not a re-seller or importer of your art. Work is quarantined to be a one of a kind original. A work of art that will literally display its beauty for thousands of years.

Bronze works start off as a wax sculpted that is covered with a vermiculite compound and molten bronze is poured into mold, displacing the wax and leaving an incredibly detailed gem. Bronze due to its difficulty is becoming a lost art, when modern resins have long disappeared the bronze work will remain warranting a closer look. This process while difficult hasn’t really changed and gives us the beautiful one of a kind art work that only bronze and our talent can provide. Creating a work of art utilizing this metal is a time tested method that has changed little over the century’s.