Christ The Healer Mural - Angelo Lanzini - St. Agnes Hospital, Fresno, California, 1962

Christ The Healer Mural - Angelo Lanzini - St. Agnes Hospital, Fresno, California, 1962



Lanzini & Sons was started in 1927. We continue to offer our expertise in designing, fabricating, and restoring church interior fixtures. As artisans with classical expertise our goal as a company is to offer a level of artistry that cannot be found in the modern era.

Our hope is partitioners will be able to feel at home while being closer to our lord through our expert handcrafted designs. We offer a wide range of services that will help your parish be restored or revitalized.

We are not a re-seller or importer of religious art. Work is quarantined to be a one of a kind original. You will find photos of our creations. tabernacles, doors, altar fixtures, stations of the cross etc.

Custom mosaics, stained glass windows, and statuary are our specialty. These are a long standing part of our business. Anything from full wall paintings, to full wall mosaics. We can handle all your needs with 90 years of tradition and pride.


A Brief History

Lanzini and Sons has been actively engaged in the specialty religious businesses for over 90 years. We have successfully completed projects for churches, seminaries, hospitals, schools, diocesan facilities, convents, funeral homes, cemeteries, and private chapels, throughout all 50 states.

Our founder Angelo Lanzini rolled into New York in 1927 applying his talents to churches nation wide. Since that time Lanzini and Sons have decorated, designed and restored hundreds of churches. Our business has operated continuously since 1927, with only a 4 year hiatus during the Second World War for service duty. Major milestones of ours include, National Library in Washington D.C., commissioned to paint official portrait of Pope John XXXIII. Mapes casino in Reno, Nevada, Bank of America exhibit at the 1939 Worlds Fair in San Francisco, portraits of John,Robert and Edward Kennedy.

Total restoration of St. Annes and St.Marys cathedrals in Detroit, Mich. Restoration of Fredrick MacMonies “Pan of Rohallion” statue. Design and fabrication of 40’ wide award winning bronze doors at St Matthew Church in San Mateo, CA.

These are but a few of our accomplishments over the last 10 decades and 3 generations on Lanzini family leadership.

Many important projects are now planned that will be listed on our site after completion.

Portrait of Pope John XXIII By Angelo Lanzini, Vatican Museum

Portrait of Pope John XXIII By Angelo Lanzini, Vatican Museum

Design, Fabrication, and Restoration.

Our work has won awards, been in magazines, and one of our mural even hangs in the Vatican museum in Rome.

We understand and specialize in working with small parishes where funds are not always available as larger city parishes.

We have proven that quality work and restoration can fit into any parishes budget.

We can work with you the Pastor, and parish committees to tailor fit your needs to make your church a beautiful house of God it was designed to be, while keeping your costs under control.


  • St. Mary’s Cathedral, Detroit, Michigan, Total Renovation

  • Mission San Juan Batista, Monterey, Restoration

  • Library of congress, Washington, D.C. Restoration

  • St. Agnes’s Hospital, Fresno, New design

  • St.Annes, Detroit, Michigan, Total Restoration

  • Mary’s of the Mountain, Virginia city, Nevada, Restoration

  • Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles, Restoration