Church Design & Interiors

Lanzini and Sons has designed and restored many churches over the last century. From murals to a new parish, we have done It all. We offer a variety of different fabrication options for your churches needs. But the main thing we offer is flexibility for your project, large or small. Done with the upmost consideration of your church.

Custom mosaics, murals, stained glass windows, and statuary are our specialty. These are a long standing part of our business. We can offer a wide range of scenes, Catholic saints, pietas, crucifixes, and so on. In a variety of styles, Contemporary or vintage, baroque, gothic, renaissance & more, we can create the perfect style for your church or cathedral.

We can handle all your needs with over 90 years of tradition and pride.

Our Designs

  • Mosaics Design & Restoration

  • Statue Design & restoration

  • New Baptismal Design and Fabrication

  • Stained Glass Window Design, Fabrication and Restoration

  • Pew Endcap Design

  • Classical murals and RELIGIOUS scenes

  • Mural Restoration

  • Altars

  • Custom Furniture

  • Bronze Casting

  • Gilding

  • Sign Design and Fabrication

  • Marble Fabrication and Repair

  • Wood Fabrication and Re-Finishing

  • General Liturgical Design and Ecclesiastical Art


Other Parish Offerings include

Copy of Mural Design, Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church, Castroville, California, Lanzini


Murals have traditionally been Lanzini and Sons crowning achievement. Our murals are in a classic trading utilizing a pallet that has been a Venitian tradings since the 1400s. If you look at our works in the photo section you will see a definite renaissance style in the paintings. Life like faces and vivid, rich colors are a signature of our works.

Our murals are painted either directly on interior surfaces or on canvas which is then permanently affixed to the interior surfaces. The use of highest quality oil paints and materials provides the longest possible effect of an "original appearance" with easier maintenance or restoration in the future.

We also offer restoration of damaged, again, and vandalized paintings, as well as ornate framing.

Our paintings appear in 1500 churches worldwide Angelo Lanzini was commissioned by the Vatican in 1962 to paint the pontiffs (John XXXIII) official portrait which today hangs in the Vatican Museum.

We can design and paint anything for your church.


Custom Mosaic Design

We offer a variety of classical options when it comes to mosaics. All of our mosaic designs are in-house and can accommodate a variety of mosaic designs and religious scenes. Our designs are vivid, bold, and crafted by our highly skilled artisans. They can be seen throughout the U.S. all painstakingly pieced together, each tile being set by hand with 500 tiles per square ft.

Our artists use the finest handcrafted Venetian Mosaic sourced from a 150 year old factory in Italy. The selection we offer ranges from a large selection of colors and hues, including the world renowned handcut 24k gold.

Our expert carpenters will professionally deliver and mount these fragile mosaic panels. No matter the size we are equipped to mount these heavy fragile mosaic panels.

Attention to detail makes these true masterpieces that will endure many centuries of adoration.

What We Offer

  • Custom Mosaic Design & Fabrication

  • Mosaic Repair and Maintenance

  • Modification

  • Delivery and Installation


Stained Glass Design & Restoration

All of our windows are our own original design and construction. Our studio offers a complete gamut of original design service; from the very light and simple treatment of color and texture, to the most elaborate figure work spanning entire glass walls in church interiors. Our innovative use and combinations of the various techniques for decorative glass include:

- lead Came

- copper-foil

- laminated glass

- traditional painting and firing

- sandblasting

Our studio coordinates new decorative glass solutions with traditional techniques to better complement existing artwork and interior spaces. Our windows are fabricated the traditional method of taking design (cartoon) and hand cutting each piece of glass to fit the cartoon. After all pieces are cut, lead came is formed to fit. Each piece of glass and lead is then then soldered.

The channel of lead the glass fit into is then filled with a putty type glazing material This solidifies window and then re-in forcing the entire window with zinc strips. Windows have been done this way for ever. The only changes are higher quality materials.

What we Offer

  • Custom Window Design

  • Art on Glass

  • Window repair

  • Broken Panes

  • Lead repair

Repair & Restoration

We have a large studio which Lanzini and Sons has restored hundreds of window in the last century. Stained Glass Windows are one of the most decorative and most expensive parts of the religious building. Restoration is very sensitive process and needs to be done by professional restorers and artist. Our team can restore your Stained glass window to its original beauty.

Stained glass itself has an indefinite life span, but the associated components that compromise a window such as the lead and wood frame have a finite life of approximately 40-100 years depending upon conditions.

The failure in these components lead to water infiltrating the framework of the church causing great damage to the underlying church structure in the form of dry rot and mold. Repairing these faults in the windows can be easily and reasonably accomplished by our studios restoration services.

During the restoration process we evaluate the damage to the frame and repair as necessary. The window is disassembled, broken panes, damage lead are replaced, repacked, cleaned. This is a simplification of the process.

We approach each restoration project with reverence for the original artist and subject and with uncommon appreciation for his or her work as well as respect for its setting.

We are pleased to quote on major or minor repairs to your stained glass treasures, including cleaning, total restoration and weather protection of both the art and its surrounding framework. And we fully understand that the needs and sensitivities of each church congregation may differ.


Statue Design & Restoration

Statue Design

Many churches, schools, convents, seminaries, hospitals and religious facilities choose statues to adorn their interiors. Our hand crafted statues can be offered in a wide range of style, material, and figures that offer a more artistic touch over a catalog purchased statue.

We can reproduce or create a specific statue, depending on you needs, and the design of your church. hand carved out of the finest marble or wood. Being handcrafted we can really dial in the detail that is needed for the ornate pieces of classical art these statues are. Partitioners will be able to feel the essence of the statue.

Statues are heavy, depending on your needs we can deliver and install the statue wherever needed. Whether in a statue niche or mounted high up.


Over the years statues, stations, and crucifixes can age in your church, fingers break off, gold leafing dulls, paint finish gets chipped, and candle soot removes any luster the statue once had. We have seen it all.

We have restored over 2000 statues, from simple cleaning and minor repairs, to total renovation of statues that have fallen from their pedestal and broken into multiple parts. We have the artistic skills to take any statue in any condition and transform it into stunning piece again.

Our process is a tried and true method that hasn’t improved for centuries. We will start by a thorough cleaning and removal of all old paint. This is a laborious process but the only way to get a perfect result.

We repair all damage, sand, primer, and paint apply all color by airbrushes and handwork. So the statues look as if they are brand new.


Custom Fabrication

We can design to your churches specifications and style wishes.

  • Saints

  • Crucifix

  • Jesus, Joseph, Mary, etc)

  • and More


  • Marble

  • Stone

  • Bronze

  • Plaster

  • Wood

  • Fiberglass

  • Ceramic


Copy of Custom Bronze Tabernacle and Base Design, St Joseph's Catholic Church, Capitola, California, Lanzini


One of our many specialties at Lanzini and Sons is re-purposing areas in churches . A main focus of our design work is niches. We have designed, fabricated niches for many uses.

Churches have featured statues, tabernacles, and cruets sets into wall niches, We have specialized in transforming plain walls and reredos into a brightly LED lit niches for many tabernacles and statues. Traditionally statues are placed into niches. We can redecorate existing niches with stone, mosaic, or custom lighting.

Niches can be created and lined in wood, marble, mosaics etc. The size, height and depth can be custom made for any space.

Niche Options

  • Base Material (Wood, Marble, Stone)

  • Style (Modern, Classical, etc)

  • Lighting

  • Material of Niche (Mosaic, Marble, Wood)

We can transform existing niche or nook and re-purpose that area for a new setting. Subtle lighting and colors will can be used to beautify the area.

We find in churches that there may be unused walls that are perfect for a new statue and being licensed general contractors, we have the ability to construct this type of procedure. A properly designed niche can enhance any wall. It brings life and a totally new devotional area.

The design possibility’s are unlimited and our experience can help direct you.


Stations of the Cross

Stations are not just one beautiful design but fourteen individual works historically depicting the sentencing and crucifixion of or Lord. They beautifully adorn our churches walls with devotes praying and viewing them daily. This is why we allow so much work into our designs of these.

Our aim is to give your church an option that exceeds mundane catalog stations. Our artists will work with your parish to give you a representation of Christs passion that will awe your partitioners. We design and fabricate all stations of the cross out of beautifully carved wood, finely decorated plaster, and the lasting beauty of bronze. We have helped dozens of churches providing them with beautiful painted (on Canvas or metal) stations. A very individual approach giving a custom look.

So much time of daily parishioner devotion warrants that these works be very special so the parishioner can easily identify the particular historic scene and we are here to give the artists touch.



  • Bronze

  • Wood

  • Ceramic

  • Plaster

  • Canvas



Bronze Design and Fabrication

Since the earliest forms of art dating over 5 thousand years and more, bronze has been one of the most popular and long lasting art pieces that have been used in religious houses. Lanzini and Sons for almost a hundred years has designed, and cast our own works of bronze art. Our in house bronze work is truly a work of art. If you view our works in the photo section you will see intricate design and execution. From railings, doors, gates to marvelous stations of the cross.

All of our designs are our own, we are not a re-seller or importer of your art. Work is quarantined to be a one of a kind original. A work of art that will literally display its beauty for thousands of years.

Bronze works start off as a wax sculpted that is covered with a vermiculite compound and molten bronze is poured into mold, displacing the wax and leaving an incredibly detailed gem. Bronze due to its difficulty is becoming a lost art, when modern resins have long disappeared the bronze work will remain warranting a closer look. This process while difficult hasn’t really changed and gives us the beautiful one of a kind art work that only bronze and our talent can provide. Creating a work of art utilizing this metal is a time tested method that has changed little over the century’s.