Church Interior Renovations

As general contractors Lanzini and Sons have renovated many holy spaces from adding additions to wall painting. We have worked exclusively with churches for nearly a decade and are sensitive to all styles of worship. We are fully licensed and bonded for construction no matter the size of project.

We understand the importance of preserving the historical significance of your church sanctuary or chapel. We offer various ways to modify your platform to gain more flexibility while respecting your church’s unique architecture. Lanzini and Sons has a network of specialists, experienced church painters, and artists that have perfected their craft over many years of service. Our experts are able to restore and even replicate original church furnishings like pews, chairs and chancel furnishings. Our goal with out renovations is to preserve and enhance your church sanctuary’s architectural details, while updating other materials like carpet, fabric and furnishings and the audio and video equipment.

Renovation in your church needs to be well thought out cohesive approach that takes into account wall color and how it effects the lighting and carpet choices.

It is important that each church is handled with their individual needs in mind. We aim to keep our projects flexible as possible to the many variables each church may have. We can work with your church committee and architect to achieve a flexible and inviting worship space.


Church Renovation Offerings

  • Interior Design

  • Pews and Furnishing

  • Baptistery Renovations

  • Railings

  • Doors

  • Carpet, Tile, Hardwood, and Stone Flooring

  • Floor Refinishing

  • Flat Wall Painting

  • Painting & Plaster Repair

  • Audio / Video / Performance Lighting

  • Baptistery Renovations



Lanzini and Sons has been contracted for carpet and has the resources to supply new flooring samples, design sacred spaces with new flooring, and execute professional installations.

Church carpeting if not chosen well can reflect on ceilings and change the overall color of of the church. Carpeting can give a most inviting and warm appearance for you parishioners. A well chosen flooring plan can utilize hardwood or vinyl beneath the pews to make cleaning easy and wear to minimum. All colors must work harmoniously to give the church renovation its greatest appearance.

Carpet products today represent a very long lasting and wear resistant life.

Carpet can be custom dyed to coordinate with church upholstery colors. Our craftsmen are experienced with removing and reinstalling pews properly. We have sanctuary remodeling installation crews certified to install all types of floor coverings including church carpet, wood flooring, and tile.

Church Lighting

Church Lighting

Church lighting today offers far more options than in the past, utilizing LED, florescent, RGB, and other modern low energy efficient alternatives to yesterday’s power hungry incandescent bulbs. Newer lighting can increase the light in your church by 500%, add a more intimate feeling, and save a dramatic amount on your lighting bill. Newer LED’s have long term longevity and can last a average 10 years before needing to be replaced, saving on maintenance.

Church lighting can be adjusted from a warm hue to a bright light remotely, and also have a myriad if color options to subtly change the overall ambient color. Painting blended with custom lighting and church carpeting can change the church interior to a very welcome place of worship.

Light fixtures can become an integral part of the interior design adding a new design dimension. One design element that can cost effectively transform your church.


Flat Wall Painting

As general Contractors we offer specialized Flat Wall Painting for your church. Offering a range of colors and church specialty. Being cautious of murals and other important church fixtures. Offering painting, restoration, and plaster repair.

When Flat wall painting your church we take into account all surrounding fixtures and textures to be sure they work harmoniously with each other and doesn’t conflict.

Most churches have ornate moldings and beautiful architectural features that go unnoticed during renovations. Our experienced master painters can repair and paint your church to enhance these features. Our craftsmen also handle pews properly and provide the very best in protection when it comes to your church's furniture and instruments so that your renovations or restoration project turns out perfect.

Church painting blended with custom lighting and church carpeting can change the church interior to a very welcome place of worship. Our painting includes stencils, Gilded design and murals integrated into design.

Interior design restoration is included in our resume. We have renovated church interiors such as St. Marys cathedral and St. Anne’s basilica in Detroit to name just a few. We also offer expert wood refinishing.