Stations of the Cross

Stations are not just one beautiful design but fourteen individual works historically depicting the sentencing and crucifixion of or Lord. They beautifully adorn our churches walls with devotes praying and viewing them daily. This is why we allow so much work into our designs of these.

Our aim is to give your church an option that exceeds mundane catalog stations. Our artists will work with your parish to give you a representation of Christs passion that will awe your partitioners. We design and fabricate all stations of the cross out of beautifully carved wood, finely decorated plaster, and the lasting beauty of bronze. We have helped dozens of churches providing them with beautiful painted (on Canvas or metal) stations. A very individual approach giving a custom look.

So much time of daily parishioner devotion warrants that these works be very special so the parishioner can easily identify the particular historic scene and we are here to give the artists touch.



  • Bronze

  • Wood

  • Ceramic

  • Plaster

  • Canvas