Statue Design & Restoration

Statue Design

Many churches, schools, convents, seminaries, hospitals and religious facilities choose statues to adorn their interiors. Our hand crafted statues can be offered in a wide range of style, material, and figures that offer a more artistic touch over a catalog purchased statue.

We can reproduce or create a specific statue, depending on you needs, and the design of your church. hand carved out of the finest marble or wood. Being handcrafted we can really dial in the detail that is needed for the ornate pieces of classical art these statues are. Partitioners will be able to feel the essence of the statue.

Statues are heavy, depending on your needs we can deliver and install the statue wherever needed. Whether in a statue niche or mounted high up.


Over the years statues, stations, and crucifixes can age in your church, fingers break off, gold leafing dulls, paint finish gets chipped, and candle soot removes any luster the statue once had. We have seen it all.

We have restored over 2000 statues, from simple cleaning and minor repairs, to total renovation of statues that have fallen from their pedestal and broken into multiple parts. We have the artistic skills to take any statue in any condition and transform it into stunning piece again.

Our process is a tried and true method that hasn’t improved for centuries. We will start by a thorough cleaning and removal of all old paint. This is a laborious process but the only way to get a perfect result.

We repair all damage, sand, primer, and paint apply all color by airbrushes and handwork. So the statues look as if they are brand new.


Custom Fabrication

We can design to your churches specifications and style wishes.

  • Saints

  • Crucifix

  • Jesus, Joseph, Mary, etc)

  • and More


  • Marble

  • Stone

  • Bronze

  • Plaster

  • Wood

  • Fiberglass

  • Ceramic